Plan Of God

You matter to God! Discover what on earth is going on in your life!

Join us in a comprehensive study of God’s eternal plan in the Scriptures. See the past, the present and the future all from God’s eternal perspective. See how God has called you – even with your present difficulties and weaknesses – to confound the devil’s evil world-wide agenda.

Yes, we really do matter to God and He proved it by sending His Son to die for our sins. God is sending Jesus again to redeem this wicked and vile world and we will all witness that glorious Day!

Together, we will look into His Word and get a picture of how God is going to work everything out (using you!) all in His wonderful plan!
If you would like a copy of The Plan of God book, you can purchase it online using this link: Plan of God
You can also download Timelines, that accompany the book, in a PDF format below: Plan of God Timeline Page One 
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Video Sessions 1-7
The following videos are of Pastor Slayden MacGregor teaching through the portions of the booklet.