Psalm 119:41-43

While the theme of the “ה” (pronounced “hey”) strophe emphasized the work of God in the life of the Believer through His Word; the theme of the “ו” (ponounced “vau” or “waw”) strophe emphasizes the work of the believer in response to the Word of God.

One very important point is that the “work” of God is prompted out of His lovingkindness toward us.  So also, the work of the believer in response to the Word of God is also prompted out of our love for God and His Word (Vv. 47-48).  God’s Work for us in salvation and in sanctification is a “grace” (gift) towards us.  Our work for God is a “grace” (thanksgiving) back toward Him (I Jn. 4:19; 5:3).

V.41    “May Your lovingkindnesses also come to me…according to Your word” The chief vessel of God’s grace (Lovingkindness and salvation) is His Word.  The world we live in is under enemy control; its cosmic system appeals totally to the senses (or our fleshly nature).  Deliverance comes when we walk by faith, trusting the Word of God.  Here, in submission to God by faith in His Word, we circumvent the ways and means of the enemy.  When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit (walking by faith and not by sight), we are continually supplied with His: protection, provision, comfort, guidance, wisdom, equipping for battle etc.  God’s Word is the one power source for the believer that Satan cannot corrupt or influence.  God has preserved it and provided it for us; and when we hide it in our hearts we are under its continual blessing no matter what spiritual battles we may face.
V.42    “I will have an answer” God’s Word is my defense.  Against those that reproach “charaph” me (taunt scorn, reproach revile, insult).  We base our hope (trust) in His Word and not on the worldly opinions that seem to bombard us when we are seeking to walk by faith and not be sight.  Principle1: God’s Word brings stability, though criticism may mount from those walking by sight.  Principle2: God’s Word produces staying power.  I can wait on the Lord before I make a decision to move, act, respond etc. to the circumstances, because I know that God is in control and He does not compromise His Word in order to work out His perfect plan and purposes in my life.  When you are clear on the Biblical principle applied to the circumstances, then you are stabilized in your soul regarding the action or non-action that needs to be taken.  Believer, stand strong in the Lord.  Give the answer to the enemy from the Word.  I met an old black preacher that told me that whenever he’s tempted, he says, “Devil, it’s time for a Bible study!”  Then he said, “Brother, the Devil never sticks around for a Bible study.”  If it’s good enough for Jesus (Mt. 4; Lk.4), it’s good enough for you and I.

V.43    “I wait on,” or  “I hope in” Your ordinances.  The cry of the psalmist here is for God not to remove His Word from the believer’s mouth (Rom. 10:8), because it is the only thing that he has to hold on to.  This strengthens the principle noted in verse 41 that God’s Word is the only source of grace and deliverance that the child of God has.  There’s no hope of victory for the believer in this fight of faith (II Tim. 2:3,4; 4:7) apart from the Word of God.  So you can sense the desperation of the psalmist at the prospect of losing hold of God’s Word.  The principle here is that you and I need to develop this same desperate hold (grip) on our hope that is held out only through the Word of God.  Believer, don’t grow dependent on anything but the Word of God and you will experience victory, deliverance and perhaps best of all “peace” through whatever comes your way in the “race marked out for you.”