“The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses,
these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”
II Timothy 2:2b
Who: Anyone desiring to have a more comprehensive command of the whole of the Scriptures; especially those preparing for a future teaching or ministry. For youth and adults who want to develop life-long tools for a growing, in-depth, knowledge of God’s Word and the ability to pass it on to others
What: Six, fun, interactive five-hour lessons with readings, written assignments or *ministry practicum and final exam
When: First Sunday (2-7 pm) of each month for 6 months starting 7/2/17 (Enroll by 6/25/17)
Where: Faith Evangelical Free Church | 5338 Freeport Dr. Spring Hill, FL 34606
Why: To prepare the believer to rightly divide the Word of Truth by training him/her with the essential tools for bible study
Enrolled student requirements:
1. Godly life
2. Regular church involvement
3. Good work ethic
4. 7th grade or above reading level
5. Attendance of all six modules and prepared homework assignments (10-15 hours monthly)
6. Implementation of intentional spiritual disciplines during the course period
7. Church attendance and involvement (does not need to be FEFC)
8. Commitment to read through the Bible yearly


1. The Spiritual life and disciplines of a disciple, Systematic (and organic) Theology, applied

a. Engage in specific spiritual disciplines (these will be applied for the duration of the course)
b. Learn the major categories of systematic theology to be integrated with the remainder of the course material

2. Systematic Theology Continued – Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods, Bible Survey

a. Finish Theology survey
b. Essential principles in interpreting the Scriptures
c. Major sections of the Bible
d. The life-long value of reading through the Bible yearly

3. Covenants

a. Key elements of the biblical covenants (Throughout the remainder of the course, you will integrate these as the infrastructure of the whole Bible and God’s plan)

4. Election and Salvation

a. The biblical doctrine of election
b. Election integrated with all other categories of systematic theology
c. Salvation 3-D

5. Plan and purposes of God – A

6. Plan and purposes of God – B
a. Understand how the Bible integrates as an organic whole of God’s plan and purposes as understood in systematic theology, the covenants and election
b. Know how seemingly difficult passages or difficult theology assimilates easily in the Plan of God
c. Understand the practicality of handling the whole of Scripture
d. Final Exam Module 6
By the end of this course:
1. You will be equipped with essential bible-study tools to be refined for a lifetime as you study and read through the Bible yearly. With time, you should be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth, integrating sound exegesis and theology with appropriate application.
2. You will be encouraged to teach and minister in some capacity which will ensure a growing breadth and depth of your use of these bible study tools.
Required Material:

• A good English Dictionary pre-1950
• Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
• Son light Bible Atlas – https://books.google.com/books?isbn=1888330058
• Panoramic Study of the Plan of God, Slayden MacGregor – 
Panoramic Study of God
• Computer Bible Study Program (free) –
• Commentary on the Bible by A.C. Gaebelein (free) –
Ministry Practicum includes leading a small group bible study with at least 3 participants during the course period.
The bible study will work through most all the subject material.
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